Throughout life we constantly experiment with our image. Fashion changes, but only one thing remains constant - beauty. Everyone strives for originality and uniqueness, some people compliments their image with different accessories and fashionable clothing.But much more original way of creating an outstandinglook is piercing.
The history of piercing as a culture is deeply rooted in the past, but still actual in our days.

There are 3 types of piecing: classic, extreme and intimate.
Our specialists perform piecing of any complexity.
Also we draw your attention that in tattoo studio "Angel" piercing is made by a special, sterile, needle for piercing, not a pistol. We use only disposable materials.All tools and jewelry are sterilized in an autoclave right before the puncture.
Decoration for piercing is selected based on the anatomical features and the puncture site. In the studio store you can find such brands of piercing jewelry as: SteelSilver, PainfulPleasures, Metalmafia, WildCat, Unimax and Kaos. Ornaments are made of medical steel SS316L, titanium, bioplast, silicone, acrylic, wood and bone

Why you should make piercing here?
- All our specialists are well educated, qualified and can perform a puncture of any complexity.
- We are responsible.Which means that before the procedure our specialists will tell you in detail what exactly they will do, how to take care of your piercing in future and will help to get the right jewelry
- All jewelry has a health safety certificates. In studio store you also can find a special line of Crystalevolution with 925 silver and Swarowsky crystals
- As we pay a lot of attention to safety, so all the materials are disposable and all tools are sterilized in autoclave.

Decoration replacing
If you are not sure that you can do it yourself, it is better to seek for some help from an experienced person like piercing specialist. There are some reasons for it. First of all specialist will remove your adornment and install a new one without any traumatization of the puncture. Second of all the puncture itself will be processed, and the new decoration will be sterilized. That will completely exclude penetration of infection or any dirt into the puncture, what could cause inflammation of even fully healed Puncture. For the same reasons it is highly recommended to make the first replacement of the jewelry with the help of specialist.

Puncture repair
If you did not wear the jewelry in the puncture for a while, it dragged on. As a rule, such punctures can be restored without piercing again. It is highly discouraged to try to "pick out" a puncture by self-adornment, this is fraught with trauma and inflammation. It is highly recommended to seek for help of specialist, who will repair the puncture and install new jewelry using special clean tools. In this case the rehabilitation period will be minimal.

Cleaning the puncture and jewelry.
It is not always possible to rinse and clean the puncture by yourself, because of its inaccessible location, especially if it is inflamed and has a lot of secretion. For this purpose it is needed to take the jewelry out. It is not so easy and safe to do it yourself. You should ask for help of piercing specialist, who will take the jewelry out, if is needed, rinse the puncture, clean the jewelry and install it back carefully and safely.