Лазерное удаление

price from 2500 rub

Tattoos and permanent make up are very popular among people of different ages, but not all are happy with the result.
If you are not happy with the result of your tattoo or permanent make up, you should not put up with it. It is possible to remove it with the modern laser equipment that we have in our studio.
We use a modern laser that allows to perform a removing procedure without any consequences like scars or anything else.
Laser removing advantages
-High effectiveness with big tattoos and sensitive body parts
-Maximum safeness: no allergic reactions, no bleedings, doesn’t cause inflammations, doesn’t injure skin
-You don’t need any time for rehabilitations: right after the procedure you can go and make your businesses.
-No risk of any undesirable complications: laser remove the color pigment layer by layer and doesn’t leave any scars or other marks that could remind you about the past tattoo
Does it hurts?
During the procedure you don’t feel obvious discomfort. Despite this it is possible to use local anesthetic.
-Any types of malignant tumors
-Hypertensions and any cardiovascular diseases
-Hormonal, endocrine disorders
-Pregnancy and lactation
-Epilepsy and mental disorders
-Bleeding disorder
-Skin tenderness to scarring
Laser removal procedure is provided by competent specialists who are professionals in laser therapy. All specialists are well educated and work for the best result.
After care
Within 2-3 weeks after the procedure: no direct sunlight, sauna or solarium, do not injure or scratch treated area. There are some care products like Lioksazine or Bepanten, that will make your rehabilitation more comfortable. You can buy them at our studio or in any pharmacy.

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