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The art of tattoo started when a human being began to think. IN those times tattoo was a sign that specified humans social and tribal affiliations. Nowadays tattoo is an art. The role of tattoo today is to make a person unique to highlight some aspect of their inner world.
Our artists have many years of experience. Their qualifications proved by awards got on Russian and international tattoo conventions. We can satisfy the most demanding customers and suggest an exclusive and unique decoration of your body.
All procedures are performed with the most modern equipment of CHEYENNE.
All pigments we use are certified and absolutely safe. We use brands of ETERNAL, INTENZE, DERMAGLO.
We also provide modern anesthetics to make the process more comfortable.

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Before start:

What to do before visiting tattoo studio.
First of all we recommend to have an idea of your future tattoo. To get some inspiration browse the Internet and find out the idea and style.
Browse the works of our artists and find out the most relevant to your idea. Conduct the time of your first visit to discuss with the artist your future tattoo and make some sketches of it. On the first meeting will be know the approximate price and time needed to execute the project. The consultation is absolutely free you just need to conduct an appointment. Walk-ins are also welcome, but in this case the needed artist can be not available. Get your inspirational pics and references of artworks on the first meeting.
You also should tell the artist of any possible reactions of your body like allergy or something that can influence the tattooing process.

The process

Well you and your artist confirmed your future tattoo. After that the artist arrange a special print draft that will be put on your body and you will have the opportunity to see how the future tattoo will look like on your body.