price from 4000 rub

Body modifications is quite new trend for Russia, but in youth subcultures it exists for some time already.
Tattooing and piercing is unusual and extravagant but for some people it is not enough. For those who wants more, we can offer body modifications.
Body modification has different directions: scarification, implantation, splitting, tunnels and dogtooth and plug installation, sewing tunnels, microdermals and skindivers instalation.
Tattoo studio Angel is happy to propose all these procedures to our clients.
Scarification — drawing a complete composition of scars on a body in controlled and safe manner to achieve an esthetic goals.
Implantation — the jewelry installed just right under the skin. The result of it is an area on the body with the shape of implant.
Splitting of tongue, snake-tongue — the tongue split from its tip to the middle, so after the healing it is bifurcated as snakes one.
Tunnels sewing — broken or annoyed tunnels can be sowed up. The edge of the ear is aligned and then sewed up. After the procedure the ear get its natural shape again.
Microdermals, skindivers – are jewelry for intradermal microimplantations. A flat base with a barbell installed in the germ layer of the skin. The bar is wound with decorations of various shapes (disks, balls, spikes, etc.). The most popular installations of microdermals on a face, chest, abdomen, wrists, but the technology of microdelmalslets allows to install it wherever you want. It is also possible to make an ornament of microdelmarls around the body.

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